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Don't forget the ski wax, suncream, kitchen sink...

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Your departure date is fast approaching and you are well into your ski fit programme; or worrying that you are extremely unfit and the muscle burn will be painful.  Don't worry, not everyone on the slopes will be super fit!  However, now is the time to make a checklist of all the essentials you need to pack for your ski holiday.  Firstly, if you have any kit, get it out, try it on, then give it a wash or buy some new gear.  Now you can start making your checklist.  We have included some non-essentials as, experience over many years has proven to us, these items are very useful to have.

So, be prepared and read on...


Valid passport, travel documents (including: airline/train/ferry tickets or e-tickets, car parking/car hire vouchers, Agent's booking confirmation, Tour Operator's invoice, directions to accommodation if self-drive, maps), Insurance documents (carry details when skiing), E111 card if travelling to Europe, credit card, 24 hours worth of daily medication, sterling, currency and coins for airport trolleys. 

Non-essentials include: snacks for the journey (especially if you have a long transfer), book/magazine, mobile phone, ipod/MP3 player & headphones, travel pillow, car seat for infants and travel sickness pills.

Ensure you have a luggage label attached to your luggage with a contact telephone number listed for emergencies.


Waterproof ski jacket and salopettes/trousers (children often prefer all-in-ones), several pairs of ski socks, thermals when cold, ski goggles for when it is snowing, ski sunglasses, hat (beanie style is best) or headband, two pairs of ski gloves or mittens, several base layers, thin micro fleece, thick fleece/jumper, knee brace/support, sun tan cream (high factor is recommended) and lip balm, tissues/hanky and chocolate or chewy sweets (mini size is good for popping into kids' pockets).

If taking your own equipment include: ski helmet in hold luggage, ski bag with skis and poles or board, ski boot bag with boots.

Non-essentials include: a second set of ski all-in-ones for the children, glove liners, neck warmer/bandana, small rucksack, walkie talkies, GPS, hip flask or water bottle, knee pads (for snow boarders), camera, leatherman/screwdriver, ski wax and small first aid kit. An avalanche beacon if you are going off-piste - check if your insurance covers skiing off-piste.

Ensure you have a luggage label attached to your luggage with a contact telephone number listed for emergencies.


Toiletries, casual clothing, travel adaptor, camera/phone/iPod chargers, slippers, bathing costume, gym kit, medication (including ibuprofen, cold/flu remedies and blister plasters), trainers/walking boots or snow boots, travel hairdryer and towels.

If self-catering include: small cleaning kit, a few dishwasher tablets, dish towel, paper napkins, cling film/foil, resealable sandwich bags, coffee filters, English tea bags, a few stock cubes, some chilli powder, a small container of salt and pepper and a few biscuits, cakes, dried fruit, crisps and snacks to get you started.  Don't forget to pack a lime for your G&T!

Non-essentials include: books, cards, games, laptop, travel DVD player and DVDs, mini speakers for iPod, travel alarm clock, hair elastics (useful when wearing a helmet) and aftersun cream/moisturiser.

Ensure you have a luggage label attached to your luggage with a contact telephone number listed for emergencies.

...and don't forget to pack a smile - if there is any space left!